Difference between debugging and productive run

In a workflow, a PDF is to be created that contains images that are referenced via a link. This works well during debugging. But during an automatic run the images are not included.

The workflow account has access to the image material.

Hello markus,

for example, if you run kenaflow in debug mode, it ignores that the workflow is disabled (Ignore set to $true in _wfconfig.ps1). You can still debug the script.

More important than that is that the workflow is executed in debug mode under your own user account. IF kenaflow is set so that the workflow uses the current user’s credentials to access SharePoint, this will be different in debug mode from automatic mode. In automatic mode, a service account is normally used to run kenaflow. - The permissions of the service account then apply when accessing SharePoint. While in debug mode your own rights are applied.

Is that an sufficient reply for you?

I use a service account and it has access to the images on the web. That can’t be the problem.

Excuse me. I’m afraid I misunderstood the question.

If the PDF is generated correctly in debug mode and the service account has access to the images linked in the PDF source code (HTML), then it could be because the PDF generation - which is executed with the service account of kenaflow - does not get access to the images, despite existing rights in SharePoint. This may be due to the fact that the SharePoint Web Application is not released via the “Local Intranet” in Internet Explorer.

IE => Internet Options => Security => Local Intranet => Advanced => Add SharePoint Web Application FQDN

I’d check that first.

That was exactly the problem and I was able to solve it.